About Us

GrailQuest Corp. is a premier exploration and production software and consulting firm with 30+ years of industry experience.

  • 1980: Founded Swanson Consulting
    • Provided industry-leading reservoir description (30+ yrs)
      • Geological, geophysical, and engineering models, original and remaining hydrocarbons in place maps, reserves analysis and classification, depletion plans, economics, risk analysis, A&D due diligence
  • 1985: Founded Stratamodel
    • Created the first commercially available 3D geocellular modeling software in the industry
      • Merged with Landmark / Halliburton in 1994
  • 1999: Founded GrailQuest Corporation
    • Developed ReservoirGrail, the first commercially available volumetric balancing reservoir simulation software

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Jeff Swanson (President)

Jeff Swanson founded GrailQuest in January 1999. With over 25 years in the industry, he continues to serve as the president of Swanson Consulting Inc. which is a global leader of geological and engineering geoscience studies for the oil and gas industry. In 1985 he co-founded StrataModel Inc. to create the first commercial 3D software for geo-cellular modeling for the oil and gas industry. StrataModel Inc. was acquired by Landmark Graphics in 1994. Jeff graduated from Southern Methodist University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Greg Stevens (Chief Technology Officer)

Greg is a 30-year operations geologist and technology veteran with experience in software product engineering and development, professional services, operations management, and product support. Greg is a founding member of the GrailQuest team and is responsible for all product development, software engineering, and product support. Greg holds a BS in Economics and a BS and MS in Geology from the University of Houston.

Don Swanson (Chairman Emeritus)

Don Swanson spent a large part of his professional career at the Exxon research lab in Houston. He resigned in 1979 to form Swanson Consulting Inc. He is the principle author of the StrataModel® patent for geo-cellular modeling. Don is widely considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on clastic facies. Don has a BS in Geology from the University of Tulsa.