Simple input. Powerful output.

Drainage Map

Responding to an unfulfilled need in the E&P community, we created ReservoirGrail – a revolutionary software package that allows users to identify the amount and location of remaining reserves. With a patented technology (Time Dynamic Volumetric Balancing ©) ReservoirGrail uses easily obtainable data to provide results in minutes. Following the production history of your wells, it tracks the movement of reservoir fluids and outputs a map of current hydrocarbons in place (CHIP). Once a CHIP map has been obtained, ReservoirGrail can simulate future primary and secondary recovery plans allowing the user to determine the most economical development scenario.

Many well-respected E&P companies such as Apache Corporation, Devon EnergyMagnum Hunter Resources, and Penn Virginia Corporation have used ReservoirGrail to identify millions of barrels of previously overlooked reserves. What will you find with ReservoirGrail?